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Standardized and Customized Data Input
Standardized and Customized Reports
Built-in Unit & Currency Conversion
Complete Web-based Solution

Customized and Standardized Online Forms

EDMIS provides forms that consume the data such as Oil Comsumption, Import, Local and International Purchases, Electricity Generation, Electricity Purchases Sale of Petroleum Products & Weekly Petroleum Prices.

Generate Meaningful Reports

With EDMIS, generate reports such as Total Petroleum Imports & Exports, Electricity Net Generation, Electricity Gross Generation, Electricity Sales by Rate Category, Weekly Petroleum Prices, Petroleum Imports by Month/Year, Marketing Company Petroluem Sales by Destination, Petroleum Consumption by Category and Petroleum Sales.

Export Reports into Familiar Formats

Reports can be exported to either an Excel© or PDF file formats or they can be emailed directly from the application.

Migrate Historical Data

Data collected in previous years may also be imported into EDMIS for historical analysis purposes and more.

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