The key functions of the Ministry are to:

  • Provide the policy framework and strategic direction for the operations of Divisions, Agencies and Departments.
  • Collaborate on the promulgation and amendment of legislation and regulations which guide the operations of its Agencies and Departments.
  • Set priorities and allocate financial and other resources, as appropriate.

Functional Areas:

  • Energy
  • Minerals Development (Mining and Geology)

The Energy Division of the Ministry oversees the functioning of the energy sector. It monitors energy supplies and the identification alternative energy sources, as well as energy conservation. The Division works with:

  • The Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica (PCJ) in relation to petroleum and petroleum products.
  • The Jamaica Public Service Company Limited (JPSCo) in connection with light and power.

Minerals Development

The Mines and Geology Division of the Ministry has primary responsibility for execution of activities related to the mining portfolio. Under the Mining and the Quarries Control Acts, the Mines and Geology Division has statutory responsibility to exercise general supervision over all prospecting, mining and quarrying operations throughout Jamaica.

Mining plays an essential role in the country's foreign exchange earnings (contributing roughly 60%). The exploitation of mined resources in Jamaica has direct/indirect impacts on other sectors of the economy and the environment.

The Ministry works in collaboration with the Mines and Geology Division to ensure the smooth operation of all mining-related activities.

The following entities fall under the portfolio of the Mining Division:

  • Bauxite and Alumina Trading Company (BATCO)
  • Clarendon Alumina Production Limited (CAP)
  • Jamaica Bauxite Institute (JBI)
  • Jamaica Bauxite Mining (JBM)
  • Mines and Geology Division



  • Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica
  • Petrojam
  • Petrojam Ethanol
  • Clarendon Alumina Production Limited
  • Bauxite and Alumina Trading Company of Jamaica
  • Jamaica Bauxite Mining Limited
  • Jamaica Bauxite Institute
  • Electricity Division
  • Wigton Wind Farm
  • Rural Electrification Programme
  • Font Hill Properties
  • Electricity Authority
  • Jamaica National Oil
  • PCJ Developments
  • PCJ Engineering


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